Tuesday Tip. Well logs. Did you know that you can find out the depths of the wells in your area OR MORE IMPORTANTLY the depths of the wells in an area that you are considering purchasing? Often times vacant land does not have a water source or well in place. Through your purchasing and development process you will need to have a well drilled. This is one of the most important aspects of your land development right?! No water and ......NO BUILDING, NOT GOOD! Well drilling companies charge by the foot so in order to estimate what the depth of your well might be check out this site with the county. https://ecology.wa.gov/Regulations-Permits/Guidance-technical-assistance/Well-report-gateway. The department of ecology has a site that will allow you to input an area or an address and see the well reports for the surrounding parcels/lots. You can get alot of information here. Depth, size of the intake, soil composition, tons of details. It still is just estimate and doesn't guarantee that you will hit water, but much better than flying blind. Check it out for your current home to see how much info you can get and if you are thinking about buying a vacant lot give us a call we can assist you with helpful tips like this and streamline the process!! Kerryann Elliott Pray Homematch NW 425-359-0181